Can't wait to hear from you. I always open to interesting projects, so if you’re interested in collaborating, or just want to say 'hi' please fill out the form or contact me directly at and I'll get back to you shortly.


Facebook it's a great place to communicate with you. I pretty often stuck out there, so you can easily catch me on my page or somewhere between inspiring photos and useful life hacks. On the Facebook page you can freely discuss my recent pattern art and express your thoughts about what each design looks like. Does that look like blueberry or like a garlic? Let me know your choice.
Well, join me! It's going to be fun.

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A wonderful online gallery where you can find an awesome pattern art, also can add it in your featured collection. It could be a good headline on the main page of Instagram. :-)  However… let's back to my account - completely filled with floral and geometric pattern artworks, illustrations and hand lettering. Instagram gallery is a big sister of my pattern collection on the website. Don't hesitate to discover both of them. Maybe, you will find the ideal pattern for your dream project.

Interesting fact about me - I am looking for the most wise quotes in the world. There is even a huge jug where I keep my pretty nice pieces of wisdom. Do you want to look inside that jug and find inspiring quote? Join!

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How many mugs do you have in your kitchen? I have hundreds, but ... in my virtual kitchen, aka my mug board. If you like unique and artistic mugs, I guess, you can be interested in that board. My other passion is surreal art which explodes your mind and makes you believe that everything is possible, even if it's impossible. And now the most unexpected boards - there are hundreds of awesome illustrations, lettering designs and patterns from me and many other great artists. Pretty cool right!?

I pretty much love Behance. The opportunity to share my projects with the professional artist community is just fantastic. It lets to show the whole process of creating art, backstage of this huge deal. I'm very carefully select every project for Behance (well, I do the same for any other network - just a note), and I'm happy to invite you in my gallery to discover each design. And yes, I do not mind your good comments there.

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